Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home APK v3.6j Download

 About Rick and Morty: A way Back Home

Rick and Morty : A way back home is a survival role playing game powered by patreon creator Ferdafs. This game is free to play and available for android, PC and iOS users. Rick and Morty is famous mainly in United States among teenagers and adults. Story of the game is based on a boy name Morty who got stuck in different dimension and want to escape from that dimension with the help of his grandpa Rick .

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Storyline of Game Rick and Morty APK

Rick and Morty went into different dimension to get crystal but Big Honey Bee gang was following to attack them . But they somehow escape from that dimension to real world but they don't get that crystal. Because of that Rick was very angry on Morty and asked him the reason . Monty tells him about his low confidence so, Rick sent him again to that dimension and said him to bought that crystal. Now Monty with help of different characters started hunting the big Honey Bee and also start finding crystal ball. To know what happens next , download Rick and Morty: A way Back Home APK Hack iOS

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Features Of Game Rick and Morty: A way back home

A. This game is based on the show Rick and Morty and because of that there are many characters from that show also Ferdafs has added some unique characters to the game.

B. You can play Rick and Morty: A way Back Home in Android, iOS, windows and Mac devices also.

C. You can also unlock premium features in Rick and Morty Mod APK created by fans of the game.

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How To Download Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home APK

Step 1:- Scroll To Find Download Button .

Step 2:- Click on that button , a popup will appear with timer of 10-20 seconds.

Step 3:- Wait for timer , then click on download file button.

Step 5:- You'll be redirected to final download page.

Step 6:- Repeat Steps 1 ,2 and 3 again.

Step 7:- That's it you have downloaded Rick and Morty : A way Back Home Latest APK

Install Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home Download APK

A. After downloading the file ,locate the file in your file manager.

B. You can also search it in download section.

C. When you get the .apk file of Rick and Morty, double click on file.

D. Installation process will start automatically.

E. Wait for 5-10 seconds . That's it APK file is successfully installed to your device.



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