King Of Kinks v7.0.0.294 APK Latest Version Download

King Of Kinks v4.0.0.266 APK Latest Version Download


 About King Of Kinks

King Of Kinks is a RPG game based on brutal beauties who are dominating world over decades and decades. It is free to play and available for android, iOS and PC browsers also. In the game you have to play the character of son of Rebel King who is try to overthrow the empire of brutal girls who rules Kingdom of clouds from decades. Prepare a team of sexy girls and take revenge of your father death from those busty ladies. 

King Of Kinks v4.0.0.266 APK Latest Version Download

Overview of Game King of Kinks

King of kinks is fantasy based role playing game available on Nutaku . It is a compact combination of soothing gameplay and startegy based role playing mechanics. Game starts with the story of busty ladies who is ruling world from decades. They are very brutal especially to men and dominating them continuously. But one day King of Rebellion started a war to get the thrown back and punish brutal girls. Unfortunately, he died in the war and was unsuccessful in getting the throne back.

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King Of Kinks v4.0.0.266 APK Latest Version Download

Now, you the son of Rebellion has to take revenge from them and get the throne back. For, this you have to recruit busty girls who comes in your way of revenge. After each win you'll get an opportunity to unlock Hentai scenes and videos from those girls. To upgrade their skills , chat sexy with them or send them some cute gifts. And as a result they will help you in winning each battle. This is the overview of game King Of Kinks .

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King Of Kinks v4.0.0.266 APK Latest Version Download



Features Of King Of Kinks:-

A. Amazing Gameplay:- 

As I have said gameplay of King of kinks is very intresting and soothing. In the game you have to make team of hot girls, upgrade them by chatting or sending gifts and unlock Hentai Scenes and Videos. After battle you can collect offline rewards by clicking on AFK chest.

B. Limitless Stages:- 

Whenever you think that you have completed the game there will be a surprise for you. King of kinks is an endless game with multiple quests and stages. Score much and hold a rank and try to beat your rank . 

C. Battle System :- 

King of kinks have an automated battle system with 2x speed which will never bore you to be in the game. Build a perfect team and defeat all the bosses who comes in your way . Select a perfect combination of skills and attack all brutal girls to overthrow the empire.

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D. Strategy Based Mechanics:- 

This game includes soothing gameplay with strategy based mechanics. In the game all girls have unique skills and style which can bring different combat conditions. So, select right girl and skill according to your need. Also, each girl have some active and passive skills , so, choose wisely.

E. Hentai Scenes and Videos:- 

Unlock Hentai Scenes and video from hot girls and participate in them. After each battle you can get hentai animations of sexy girls in your team . King of kinks includes more than 40 hotties which you'll meet in your adventure.

F. Chatting System:- 

Impress girls by sending gifts and by chatting them privately. Seduce them through messages and then unlock hentai scenes and videos with with them.

King Of Kinks v4.0.0.266 APK Latest Version Download

G. Flirt with Goddesses:- 

Seduce goddesses with messages and gifts so that they can help in your battles. In the game you can unlock three animations of each goddesses.

H. Special Events:- 

King of kinks is available for iOS, Android and PC browsers. This game is updated regularly and daily or weekly events are updated to engage their players.