Project QT APK v18.0 + MOD Download

Project QT APK v16.0+ MOD Download


About Project QT MOD APK

 Project QT is a puzzle based JRPG game developed by xDNA. This game is free to play and available at Nutaku Store . Project QT is based on the story of fight between space virus and human beings. You have to join the fight the fight and save the world from virus that spread around the world. 

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Project QT APK v16.0+ MOD Download

Story Plot Of Game

Project QT have an amazing storyline. Everything starts due to a black hole experiment in the Artic , which accidentally open a gate between two dimensions.i,e one is our world and another is space full of virus. In the game you have to fight with these viruses with the help of hot girls . So, make a team of sexy girls and win the battle..

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Project QT APK v16.0+ MOD Download


Gameplay Of Project QT

Project QT is a puzzle clicker RPG Game with awesome gameplay. It involves perfect combination of puzzle and role playing style. In the game you have to recruit hot sexy girls make a team and fight with viruses. Project QT gameplay is unique from other games in this genre. You can unlock hentai scenes and videos in the game . Get hot scenes whenever you won the battle.

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Project QT APK v16.0+ MOD Download

Features Of The Game:-

A. Enhance skills of girls recruited by you using memory fragments.

B. Project QT is famous for best hentai scenes . You can unlock those scenes by winning the battle.

C. Skills and loyalty is the base of best winning team . So, increase skills of busty girls by providing gifts and seduce them to be loyal to you .

D. Unlock hentai scenes and videos .



Overall Features - Project QT

1. Rating system - It decides how much clothes will girl wear.

2. More than 10+ girls , all of you unique character and skills.

3. Seducing Hentai Scenes and Videos.

4. It is available for Android and PC browser only. 

Project QT APK v16.0+ MOD Download


Overview of the Game 

You are a member of research team who are currently discovering antibody for virus that have spread in the world. You have to fight with viruses and to recruit sexy girls in your team . These hot chicks will be trained to fight with viruses. And after each battle they will be in the playroom where you can seduce them to unlock Hentai Scenes.

You can upgrade their skills and make them loyal to you with gifts and seductive tools. Fight with viruses and stop world to become Chaos.